30 things.

1.     I just took my bowtie, tie, dress shirt, and sport jacket off.  I’ve gotten plenty of things off my chest recently.  

2.      I remember a dream recently where I wished I had a relationship like The Doctor does with Rose, and I met a girl, and we were a perfect fit, and had a really good time, but then she got lost, and we couldn’t find her before I woke up.  Which I guess is part of the parallel of Doctor/Rose as well.  My dreams troll me sometimes. 

3.      I’m single.  I don’t mind the emotional/social bits of being single, I’ve always been a very emotionally self sufficient person, and I like having time to myself, and to be with whomever I please, but goddamnit, I could really use a good long snuggle now and again.  And I always miss that when I’m not with someone.  I could use a friend with cuddle benefits.  

4. This is the glory that is Ethan, Carley, and Sarah.  Or Ethmie and Carlah.  Or Team Ruud.  Or Tuud.  Whatever you may call it.  Ethan is my roommate and easily one of my best male friends.  Carley and Sarah are awesome as well, and I’m very glad to have met them at school.  That is The Scarf, embracing us all in the power of its love.


5. Errr…this is incredibly difficult.  How about Katie (because she is my wife, and obviously, I want to meet her at some point), Tiffy (because she is a ball of super deluxe awesomeness), Rebecca (because for us mere mortals to even be graced with her presence over the internet is a blessing), Pax (because British), annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd and and and….and and and…I dunno.  Luis, because he’s part of the marriage clusterfuck.  And he seems awesome. 

6. I…errr…haven’t had one.  I’m a virgin. 

7. I don’t hate anyone.  I don’t strongly dislike anyone, at least not worth mentioning and explaining on here.  I dislike people who are intolerant of others though so…at least I sort of answered it, right? 

8.  Chips, pretzels, and a few m & m’s after midnight last night, and a few drinks that Mike and Alli made for me.  This morning, I had a banana and some frosted mini wheats and yogurt.  I had some toast and apple sauce in between work shifts.  I had a cinnamon muffin and milk on break. 

9.9. Error 404: file not found. 

10. I’m bored on the internet, typing up things bein’ bored.  Looking at cats, bein bored.  Puttin on clothes, bein bored.  This is a song I wrote just now.  I sang it too.  It’ll be on my upcoming album, guise.

11. I would probably call Jess and see if I could crash in her basement for the night.  Alternatively, I would call Alli.  In fact, I would call Alli first, probably.  Her family would adopt me and raise me as their own, I imagine.

12. I don’t know.  I don’t get really angry often.  Which is probably a good thing.  I used to a lot when I was younger. 

13.  like, really cried?  When Quest died.  I still miss her so fucking much.  And I keep expecting her to be at the door when I come in, ready to see me, and more importantly see if I have food.  She was a great dog. 

14.  It’s actually pretty similar.  I made a lot of progress last summer getting over someone who shall remain nameless, mostly because I found out she was telling people not to talk to me, and how mean I was.  That was a big thing for me at the time, I guess.  Still working at Giant, still going to school. 


All my pictures come up when I search J hahaha

16. Run through town.  Where I live, there’s still a fair chance no one would see me.  Plus, I’d rather not lose my virginity to ‘the most disgusting person I know’. 

17. Allie H.  We’d have fun, listen to music, play with her cats, watch movies or something, I dunno.  It’d be a blast and a half. 

18. Vague, but mostly inaccurate. 

19.  Fifth, narglesinthetardis.tumblr.com.  Follow her.  Nao. 

20. I miss she who will not be named before she was a pretentious twat, and she was my best friend.  I miss her before everything she fucking does has to be about her boyfriend.  I miss when she didn’t use me, or only talk to me when she needed something.  I miss her before I decided it’d be a good idea to date her, because while dating was fun for a bit, ultimately wrecked both of us, and what chance we had for a friendship after the fact.   I guess I did have something to get off my chest. 

21. Food, gas, food, maybe a book, food, drugs, food, drinks, food, guns. 

22.  Sex with someone I’ve been with for a while.  So many possible issues with a stranger.  STIs, vengeful guilds of ex boyfriends, she might be crazy, she might have a bear trap installed in her vagina. 

23.  Ugh.  I’m lazy.  Not in detail.  Harry Potter party, HP premier as the Doctor with Alli, my birthday, Otakon, going to the Zoo and Bonnie Dune at Hershey with Melissa, Warped tour with Rissers, just general shenanigans and hanging out.  And too much work. 

24. Over 9,000. 

25. Neverending Math Equation.  Sending it to Adam.

26. Done and done. 

27. I have no idea.  Probably something Jen did when she messed around on it.  Like “hairy chests” or something. 

28. Betrayed.  Sad.  This already happened though.  What are the chances it will again?

29. I think I’m in lesbians with you.  If I were better at things, I’d tell you.  But I’m just going to let this one pass

30. Six.  And not just because two was a man.